Parents Engagement

Dear Parents:
According to the epidemic of Covid-19, we are unable to meet at kindergarten personally, we can only meet online.
We hope that through this opportunity, children and parents will have a preliminary understanding of us.
All are welcome to watch the clips in the following links in order. Thanks!

May God bless you and protect you and your family with peace, health, happy life with overflowing grace.

1. Pray: 2. Principal’s Message
3. Love ● Family:
4. Campus Tour
5. Love ● Child

Freshman Activities

Parental Involvement In Teaching

Family Day Activities

Parent Volunteers

Parents’ participation is vital to optimize their children’s learning experience. We invite parents to work with us on various aspects from preparing school- designed learning materials (activity booklets, workbooks, teaching materials, etc), assisting in teaching activities (fieldtrip study, visit, teaching, etc) and helping out in festival cerebrations.

Parental Seminars

Parents Seminars

Parent's Day

We will arrange the parent’s day once in each semester.