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Activity Snapshots

Special activities (Dramatic Arts appreciation, Orchestral Music & Traditional Chinese Music appreciation, School Trips in Autumn, Commemoration of School Anniversaries, Christmas Celebrations, Lunar New Year Celebrations, Easter Celebrations, Children’s Day, Advanced Jump Rope Competitions, Little Leagues Football Tournaments, Safety in Transportation Teams, Performances and more)

Multiple Intelligent Abilities

Every child has unique talent and needs to be given many opportunities to succeed. By integrating an extensive range of activities into the school curriculum, we help our children develop multiple types of intelligence through different learning experiences.

  • 2013 We introduced advanced jump rope class, it is the first of its kinds in local kindergartens.
  • 2016 We integrated rotational fitness games into school-based curriculum.
  • 2017 We integrated advanced jump rope into school-based curriculum.

星期一「體藝」星期一的運動日 Physical & Sports Monday

星期五循環體能遊戲 Cycle Fitness Games

Dear Parents:
According to the epidemic of Covid 2019, we are unable to meet at kindergarten, we can only have meet through online, so , 鑑於「2019 新冠狀病毒病」疫情關係,我們未能在曾肇添幼稚園見面,只能透過網上空間和你們打招呼,期望透過是次機會,讓小朋友和家長對我們有初步的認識,請家長依次序按以下連結收看片段。謝謝!

Campus Life